Jay Valens on October 6th, 2008

Here’s Part 4 of the Foundations for Tactics & Techniques.  Some broad strokes on attraction for you!  This is stuff we’ll be covering in detail for you soon, with specific routines.

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4 Responses to “Foundations, Part 4: Attraction”

  1. Hey,

    Nice vids. Cute babes, especially the blond.

    Are the guys real pua’s or actors?

    Anyway, when is this product coming out?



  2. Certainly by the time they were done with our project, they were PUAs :)

    We’ll let you know here when the witching hour is. Everyone on either of our newsletter lists will get the very first announcement.

  3. its stuff i’ve heard before in a much more useful attention getting way. its like the useful info first and doesnt make it boring to learn.

    when can we expect the next video?

  4. Do you mean the next video we upload here or what to expect from “Tactics & Techniques” we’ll be releasing soon?

    I think you mean “Tactics & Techniques”, and I can tell you for sure that the people we’ve screened it for so far, a lot of them PUAs themselves, were blown away. When we say “interactive”, we mean it. Think: Deep navigational menus, huge set of routines, tactics, and techniques, review menus, PUA “commentary”, multiple variations, transcripts, a how-to, even a Matrix-like “white rabbit” feature for unfamiliar terms. And it doesn’t end there, it will come with a number of digital bonuses.

    We’ll share more details as we add more to the blog.


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