Ray Devans on October 10th, 2008

OK, so I have more tactics and techniques than a dog has fleas.  Wait, that isn’t a good analogy.  I have more tactics and techniques than Warren Buffet has millions.  But its always cool to me when I discover a new one just out of the blue by accident.

So this new tactic is something I discovered while meeting up with a girl for a study date.  In this case we were studying language, I was teaching her English and she was teaching me her language.  This “language exchange” is probably the most obvious tactic ever invented by men in order to seduce foreign exchange students, so keep that in mind as an aside for all those hot Asian and Swedish blonde girls you lust after.

But, the new tactic came about by accident as we had our second meeting at a local frozen yogurt shop so we could study.  We got our yogurt, sat down, and proceeded to TRY to study.  I say try, because there was really loud music playing.  We tried to study, but it was pretty much impossible because of the music.  I realized this was going to be a good excuse to get out of there and possibly back to my place or hers, so I spoke softer than I would have normally to make it seem even worse.

After we were both thoroughly frustrated, I said simply “OK, let’s go study somewhere else.”

We got up and took our frozen yogurt with us.  I said “I’m not sure if your place would work since you live with other people, but if not my place is close by.”

I said this very matter-of-factly as if it was totally normal.  This is what is called a “double bind”, basically it’s just giving her only one of two choices, that are both more intimate than being in a yogurt store together.

She thought for a second and agreed to go back to my place, which was actually a pretty big deal for her Asian culture, but in this context it seemed to make sense to her.

So basically this is a repeatable formula.  Probably best used with some type of study, like someone in a college course you are in or for language exchange, but it could be for any first get together really.  You choose a place near your house that you know has such loud music that you can’t talk, then just get up and say you two are going somewhere you can relax and hear her better.  Getting up and taking the lead this way is also attractive.  Worst case if she wants to go to another bar, you have created “history” with her, by doing what we call a venue change.  That creates the feeling she has known you for longer, and helps get you more intimate.

Some guys might throw in a little variation to this routine by just saying you are going to club X, where X is your name!  So for me it would be like “Common, we are going to club Ray.”  Which of course is your place, and if she is surprised when she gets to your place it’s a bit too late since you are already there, and you can tell her “I told you we were going to CLUB RAY haha, you mean you didn’t get that?”  Not my personal favorite, but this is a tactic some guys use.

Anyway, back to my story, once she was back at my place, all the bachelor pad goodies helped me as always get around studying and naturally into a hot and heavy make out session.  My mini bar for showing her how to make her favorite drink, my punching dummy for teaching her the four main punches of boxing, my little massage tools, sitting on the bed cause there is no couch (I am perpetually not finished moving into my place), my lava lamp as an excuse for turning off the lights, etc.  The next date was also ostensibly for studying back at my place, but instead went to sex.

So in some ways not the most earth shattering of techniques (like the Four Secret Questions routine for example), but I thought I would share it because logistics is half the battle.  Any questions about this, let us know!

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