Jay Valens on November 4th, 2008

Commentary on “The Spin Move”

Yesterday we had to take one of the bonuses out of the bundle and tonight another bonus will be taken out of the Tactics & Techniques bundle. I don’t want you to miss any of the bonuses but we have to keep from going broke giving so many things away, so before midnight tonight (EST) is your last chance before another bonus is removed. Go the info page now to find out how to get “Tactics & Techniques”:


OK, I know you’re going to get yourself a copy of the bundle and check that page after enjoying this post, so without further adieu here’s my and Ray’s commentary “The Spin Move”.

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Now… go get T&T which still includes 8 out of the 9 original bonuses. But, hurry up, because at the stroke of midnight that will become 7 out of 9.


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Jay Valens on November 3rd, 2008

Hey guys, I hope you had a great Halloween weekend.  If you live in the US, don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

Anyway, I just alerted our T&T list with the following note:

I don’t want to be overly melodramatic but tonight is when one of the bonuses disappears from the Tactics & Techniques bundle.

I was going to have to remove 2 of the bonuses but, because tomorrow is Election Day here in the US, I’m going to remove only 1 by midnight tonight and the other I will keep until midnight tomorrow night as a reward for everyone who I know will be taking the time tomorrow to vote :)

So, that means you only have a few more hours to grab every bonus we’ve put together before one of them is taken away.  I really hate to do it but, as I mention on our info page, we’re barely covering our costs on it and I can’t offer the entire bundle this way forever.

I can’t even afford to be doing this anyway, I should be busy working on our web sites, working on advertising for others, writing code, and keeping the systems people depend on up and running.

But, right now, I would rather give you the best I have to offer.

Everyone knows that’s the way I am, and I won’t change.

But, we’re in the real world and I can’t give you the shirt off my back indefinitely and I really do have to take away at least one of the bonuses tonight.  Before you lose your chance to get the full bundle, read our info page here:



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Jay Valens on November 1st, 2008

Before watching this next clip, don’t forget that the bonuses for Tactics & Techniques are only available for a short time and if you want to get your hands on the whole kit-n-kaboodle before we take them away, get yourself over the T&T info page:


Alright, so this video shows off a really good maneuver, which also helps initiate touch and create a fun but challenging vibe. It’s called “The Spin Move”.

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“Tactics & Techniques” is not only packed to the brim with these kind of videos, but just about all of them have a review menu with commentary from Ray and me, and it is fully navigational so you can go to the stages of pickup you’re most interested, the various permutations of those stages, and make full use of everything you would want an interactive teaching system to be. And did I mention all the bonuses? :)


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