Jay Valens on October 31st, 2008

Believe it or not we added yet ANOTHER bonus to the Tactics & Techniques package.

It took a bit of negotiation, and I fought for you guys to make the bonus available, all the way up until 1 minute BEFORE I unleashed Tactics & Techniques.  Literally, just as I was ready to flip the switch, I got the call that gave me the go-ahead to make the offer.

So after I got back to flipping the switch, I needed to re-visit our description page and because we got this extra bonus added one day after unleashing the beast, I am giving you guys a whole extra day to get access to the bonuses we’re including with the T&T package.

So now you have until midnight (Eastern Time) on November 3 to ensure you get access to the full set of bonuses.

To find out about the extra bonus, go to:



P.S. More bootcamps, articles, and videos on the way, just need 1-2 days breather for myself after all the work I’ve done this month.

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