Jay Valens on October 5th, 2008

Hey guys, Ray has put together a document on his most-valued routine, “The Four Secret Questions”.  He’s talked to me about it many times and he always tells me that it’s “devastating” in how powerful it is for him to go from meeting a girl, draw out her attraction, and trigger the right responses from her to lead her thinking towards sex.

It’s a 21-page document covering every detail of the routine, variations, and troubleshooting.  You can get your copy at our “Tactics & Techniques” sign-up page:


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  1. Hell, I’ll post a comment -

    These videos look very well made, and as a long time “student” of the pick up community, appear to do a good job of sctually giving GOOD, VISUAL EXAMPLES of approaches etc.

    Good luck to you guys!

    (now if you REALLY want to put a dent in the PUA community, do the same thing for us guys over 40…while the general techniques of openers, negs, etc. work on women universally, it’s a much different environment when you get past a certain age…not that I really want to watch videos of geezers hitting on well preserved 50 year olds…)

  2. Hey Carp, I have a good reply to you on this in the other article you left a comment in. ~Jay

  3. Has anybody had a chance to read the PDF yet? Would be happy to answer any questions you have after reading it or trying it out. It is one of the most powerful things I do, now is your chance to find out more. And who knows, some of you might even have suggestions for improvements.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Great job with the blog so far, but what program should I open the ‘four questions’ with. I tried ms word and note pad with less than desirable results.
    Thanks in advance

  5. It’s a PDF file. You can open it with the free Adobe Reader:


  6. Do you have a program for building attraction while she is giving you a SHIT TEST?

  7. I can answer this in a few ways.

    For those who don’t know “shit test” is a crude way to mean that a woman is giving you a bit of a challenge in order to observe how you respond. It’s not an indicator of disinterest on her part, it’s actually both a means for her to gage how you deal with her tests and also an opportunity for you to

    Firstly, sometimes we’ll call them “shit tests” and sometimes we’ll offer advice on how to handle women, in general, when they put up minor resistance or “test your mettle”. In any case, there’s no single program covering this, we tend to cover it regularly in our newsletters. I don’t recall devoting a huge amount of time to it since it more-or-less depends on the situation.

    We do also show variations in the AOTP DVD sets, in the sense of how to handle interactions if they don’t follow through as desired or expected. We especially will be handling it more in the “Tactics & Techniques” program we’ll be rolling out soon.

    DO NOT think of responses to tests as a means to jump through her hoops. In fact, responding to tests by merely jumping through the hoops she sets up actually degrades your value. The best way, in general, to respond to such tests is to:

    A) Be indifferent to them

    B) Lean towards the side of dominance

    C) Maintain a (genuine) level of masculinity

    D) If you have a sense of humor (a real one, not just an imagined one), then adding humor to your response always helps

    Also, not many people seem to understand or teach this, but realize that when you get such tests it’s actually a good sign, because:

    A) More often than not, it means that she already likes you and is merely gauging you, or she’s neutral and is gauging to see whether she MIGHT like you.

    B) It’s an opportunity for you to increase her interest in you.

    Tests are like flirting, just with a slightly different purpose.

    In my personal life, I’ve found all of these can flow in & out throughout an interaction:

    • role-playing
    • shit tests
    • outright flirting

    They are all good things, and it’s a means for women to gage your underlying social intelligence. The sharper you are, and the better you can handle yourself when role-playing, handling shit-tests, and flirting, the more attractive you will be. And when you mix in screening, you will be perceived as an ultimate catch.

    That’s how you build attraction when she’s testing you.

  8. S.O.L.?
    I finally downloaded the adobe player and it all worked fine for Jay’s sampler ( fine work ), but the 4 questions file I downloaded last week wouldn’t open… said it could not repair the file, and as promised the pdf was only available for a limited time. Is there any place to access that file anymore? Thanks again, and great call earlier( I was able to catch the last 15 min ).


  9. It could have been a download issue (corrupt download), as I tested the file myself after it was uploaded.

    2 options:

    1. Temporarily sign up again on the bonus page with a different email address so you get a fresh link emailed to you. Then, to avoid getting duplicate mailings from us you can unsubscribe that second email address.

    2. Give me the word & I’ll email you a copy to the address behind your blog post.

    Glad you got a chance to catch part of the call.

  10. Hey guys, where can I get the four secret questions?

  11. Sam, here’s the link:



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