Jay Valens on June 7th, 2009
  • http://tr.im/genes - Fascinating & hilarious interview w/ Gene Simmons (of KISS fame), link shared by someone on mASF ( http://tr.im/masf ) #
  • “You will”… http://bit.ly/GqCZ8 #
  • F’ing Twitter… background image disappears & can’t be updated. #
  • Finding easier way to post pics when not home. So far so good. Will try out soon. For now, writing fresh newsletters - http://tr.im/aotptt #
  • Gene Simmons interview is gone! Anyone know where the MP3 can be found, let me know… #
  • Google Wave… the next big thing that will waste my time… http://wave.google.com/ #
  • Don’t fall for the “I’m a guru to pickup gurus” scams. Seen 2nd marketing type try it, I’m sure it’ll catch on & everyone claims it soon… #
  • Did ya hear? “Acai Berry” is the new rage. Asked the last person who mailed if it’s effective stuffed it up his ass. Waiting on a reply… #
  • Working on some new bundles of joy for everyone! - http://tr.im/ltsstore #
  • Having stock photos of nude girls or babes in bikinis on a pickup site MUST mean it’s run by expert “PUA”s. Honest. Buy stuff from them. #
  • http://twitpic.com/6q23s - Having a bite in WeHo then possibly going to catch “Land of the Lost”. #
  • Scratch that… it’s “Hangover” instead… #

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