Jay Valens on June 21st, 2009
  • “Blogger” isn’t a job title, skill or degree. It should be a hurdle to publish online like in the early days. The bar needs raising. #
  • Just went to Fatburger for the 1st time out of morbid curiosity. It’s stupid. “Because your taste in clothes should match your burger.” huh? #
  • Going out to work in the sun. Now if only I could make my screen more visible in sunlight… #
  • Co-location host facility having routing issue. 1st problem like that in 2 yrs. Said they’ll have it fixed in 15-20. That was 20+ min ago… #
  • Everything appears to be back up. http://tr.im/fs101 #
  • Arg, network issues not completely resolved. Packets to some outbound networks are getting dropped, so some people may still see issues… #
  • Google Chrome is a terrible browser. #
  • @alyankovic Looks like you got *6* switches on the wall behind him. Set up 1 of them to turn the Segway off :) Surely one can be a spare… in reply to alyankovic #
  • I’ve used lots of virus apps (Norton [$,crap], AVG [OK], & Avast! [free,good]) but the best to clean the worst malware is PrevX: prevx.com #
  • Hm, seems evey time I host a Saturday class, the weather is super cloudy. http://tr.im/formy #

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