Jay Valens on February 21st, 2010
  • Apologies for the links not working, I fixed them with redirects. Just a stupid blog issue plugin issue. 3 new 3some posts coming up… #
  • Threesome Report: Amazing…: A2daMIR http://bit.ly/bMoefS #
  • Threesome Report: Manage-a-trois, BIG TIME AMOG, funny stuff: rickyricon http://bit.ly/bw2gfV #
  • Threesome Report: First threesome of 2008: A2daMIR http://bit.ly/dDkOvy #
  • @Jaysin586 Thanks for letting me know, fixed all the links. Blog plugin wasn’t working right when I fixed the dates but it’s all set now. in reply to Jaysin586 #
  • Geek alert: I’m designing my own sitemap tool (kind of necessary given the size & complexity of FS) but the effort should be worth it. #

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