Jay Valens on December 13th, 2009
  • mASF Search being worked on. Will be new & improved, no more errors. Give me 2-3 days to wrap. #
  • “Web 2.0″ gushers get under my skin. Can they do more than snip from others’ widgets/code? Build a functional/large-scale site, then talk… #
  • Oops, crashed the server just now pre-populating the new search database. Forgot that sometimes even 4GB of RAM isn’t enough. Re-coding… #
  • Design-by-committee (open source): not all it’s cracked up to be. The future is data warehousing & exposed interfaces, not exposed code. #
  • @timeclockman Keep me abreast of times you’d plan to go, my free time’s limited for a but + I have to avoid alcohol & red meat for a while. in reply to timeclockman #
  • Forum search fix & upgrades live. If you want to out-do me, I have an API for you. http://www.fastseduction.com/d…..ction=5006 #

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