Jay Valens on May 29th, 2009

As a lot of our fans probably know, we’ve yet to release what would be considered “underground” (hidden camera style) videos.  We may pursue this some day, and if we do it will be awesome, but in the meantime our friend and world-renowned pickup artist, Sinn, has put together just such a package & then some…

I think of it as not only a great supplement to our AOTP video packages, but also as a great standalone learning tool to skyrocket your day game.  I am one of the proponents of day game, it’s almost exclusively how I meet girls myself, and I’m lucky enough to personally know some of the best day game experts out there.  Sinn is one of them.

The program he’s put together is called “Day Game from A to Z Mastery Program“.

Maybe you’re like me and hate staying up until 2 in the morning in loud clubs, dealing with onboxious and superficial people, throwing money away on parking, cover charges and drinks.  Or maybe the girls you’re meeting that way are not exactly worthwhile and you want a better class of girls.  Then you’ll want to shift gears into day game and Sinn’s program is all about attracting and seducing women in the day time.

The first pickup artist I ever met, nearly 2 decades ago, before I even recognized what a pickup artist was, was a friend of mine by the name of Danny.  Ive written about him occasionally in our newsletters and I remember advice he’d tried to give me way back then, that only made sense to me in a practical way years later when I got into all this - he said that meeting women during the day, on the street, shopping, in every day places, outside of bars and night clubs, is FAR superior for a number of reasons.  No competition from 100 other guys who may have any number of advantages over you: better looking, richer, more popular, better connected.  No distractions.  No cockblocks waiting around the corner.  Not that those things will totally trump having game, but the point is: why deal with that crap in the first place when you have a whole other world that’s wide open for you?

Here’s the thing: Sinn told me he’s only releasing 500 copies of the program and I want people who are fans of our AOTP products to get their hands on this before it’s gone.  He’s also taken a page from our book and is giving away plenty of additional bonuses to those who act the fastest to get their copy, including cost-free access to a $997 live event.

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