Jay Valens on May 29th, 2009

My friend and ladies man Cameron recently wrote a 2-part article on what he calls having “Edge”.  Essentially, it’s about understanding that there’s no such thing as “pure game”.  Meaning, it’s bullshit to believe that a guy employing “game” alone will have success based on that alone, no matter how good his game.  There are two other components required.  He must have at least 1 “edge” to him, at least 1 thing of superficial (yet real) value and, just as important (if not more important), be a “cool guy”.  You can read Part 1, “Everybody Has An Edge! Do You?” and Part 2, “Developing/Honing Your Edge“, on Cameron’s blog.

Simply put, all things being equal, if you have 2 guys with the same game skill, the guy with the edge, or the BETTER edge, will get the better results most of the time.  Even further, the guy who is also a “cool guy” will do even better.

I wrote about something very similar on mASF that I referred to as “currency”, “lures” and occasionally “hooks” or “bait” and how they play a role in pickup and how those things by themselves aren’t about attraction so much as they are about having things that trigger a context for you to apply game in the first place.  The element I didn’t cover is the most basic notion of “being a cool guy”, mainly because that’s the hardest thing to transform a guy into through “training”.

So, you can’t JUST have an edge.  You need good game and to be a “cool guy”.  Yes, guys all over the world every day get laid without any edge, without any game, and without being “cool guys”, but we’re not talking about simply eeking out an existence, we’re talking about having regular and predictable results with women that you’re satisfied with.  Chances are, if you’re not satisfied with your current results, then you’re missing at least 1 of these components:

  • You’re a cool guy
  • You have at least 1 edge
  • You have game

You may even be missing ALL of them!

I used to regularly wonder why so many guys getting into “the community” (the pickup community) would be in it for a long time and still not see results.  This very simple understanding that Cameron has written about and that I’d had a discussion about a while back on mASF essentially explains why.  Those guys essentially had (and still do) come into the community with either none of those 3 aspects to them or ONLY having the edge.

Some guys, for example, would be wealthy and still not get results because they didn’t have game and when they LEARNED game, they still didn’t see results because they were lacking that simple basic thing of “being a cool guy”.  Other guys did nothing except learn game, and didn’t hone any other aspect of their life, neither trying to be a cool guy, nor building or defining an edge for themselves.  That’s why guys who seemingly pull off “game” with great proficiency are still seen as “creepy” or “weird” - all they have is game, and it’s just plain socially retarded to treat life as if it was Dungeons & Dragons.

My feeling is that anyone either seeking to be taught how to get better results with women, and those who TEACH guys how to get getter results with women, need to observe themselves or their “student” and determine which of these 3 aspects need to be addressed.  For the guy himself, he has to be able to be BRUTALLY HONEST with himself and put the effort in to work on the aspects he is weak on.  He has to realize that it’s NOT just about having good game just as much as it’s not just about being wealthy, good-looking, famous, owning a house, having a great job, etc etc.  And even with those things, even with an abundance of resources and high level of skill in game, most people intuitively do not want to be around such guys by choice (beyond superficial reasons) unless that guy is also a “cool guy”.

I’ll cover how to be a “cool guy” in a follow-up article.

Hopefully this article has been insightful to you!  Also, we’ve recently been adding TONS of valuable offerings in our updated store, including Cameron’s 16-CD set, “Building Attraction Secrets“, multiple interviews with truly skillful guys, and even more training materials and resources from our friends in the industry.

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