Ray Devans on September 29th, 2008

As some of you know, we are two once “average Joes” when it came to women, and have both been studying and practicing the “Art of the Pickup” for almost a decade each.  We have traveled the world and developed tactics and techniques with women, and met other experts and learned from them, too.  We’ve had unique access to the best of what is out there, and are here to share some of our knowledge with you.

What we were lucky enough to stumble upon many years ago was an underground community of guys who were developing tactics and techniques for getting massive success with women.  It was kind of like waking up as Neo in the movie “The Matrix” and realizing the world was totally different than what we thought it was, and that even average guys like us actually COULD date and seduce beautiful women.  Thus the name of this blog, “What is the Art of the Pickup?”.

Instead of machines and agents controlling our minds, we realized it was popular media (agent Oprah), religion (agent Father John), and even friends and family (agents Mom and Dad) indirectly programming us and stopping us from realizing our true potential and desires.

So we are going to blog here about how we were freed from this “prison of our minds” and how you can be freed, too.  We are going to share some really cool routines, tactics and techniques, some cool videos, some personal experiences, maybe some field reports and more.  We will also be answering some questions from readers of the blog.

So get ready for some hardcore download of knowledge to your brain and get ready to learn “The Art of the Pickup”, let’s do this!

4 Responses to “A note from Ray”

  1. Cool, looking forward to reading this blog.

  2. Hello
    Thanks for the helpfull tips. I have been single for a long time (4.5yrs) I meet lots of girls but not the right type or they have 4-5 children or they just say I’am a really nice guy and only want to be freinds.I have one like that now but can not seeem to break the ice. I am going to school retraining so I don’t have a lot of money.I really want to change my life aand meet someone that I can trust it just seems impossible no matter how hard I try.

    Thanks Mark

  3. Mark,

    When women say to a guy that he’s a really nice guy, it’s not good. It means the way they’re perceiving you is non-sexual and that’s probably due to something about your behavior you need to change. Namely, don’t be so “nice”. That doesn’t mean be a dick, it just means don’t be a doormat.

    There’s a guy I knew who once told me that if he ever got the “let’s be friends” line, for whatever reason, he would look at the girl and say “OK, so introduce me to some other girls, and help me get laid.” He said a lot of the times the girls would respond a little shocked and he would then say “Well, I have friends already, and they help me meet girls. That’s what friends do, and you said you want to be friends.” This was a guy who was known to be good with women, so heed that sort of attitude and try to understand where it comes from - a place of self-respect and willingness to walk away which most of the time will not lead to the “you’re a nice guy” puke.

    Did you sign up for our newsletters? We’ve got 2 right now, our main one called “Pickup Arts” and a new one for “Tactics & Techniques“. We mail out advice regularly which will help you get on the right track.

    Another thing, when you say you meet lots of girls but they’re not the right type, my gut tells me that you are either not opening yourself to the possibility that the type of girl you want is different than you think. You may be too rigid in your preference, or have the wrong idea of what a girl will be like when you know her better. Give yourself a chance and at least get to know a few girls who are not your type - because they can be your bridge to meeting other girls who you will like better. Women also like men more when they see them with other women, so it never hurts to be around women, even ones that aren’t your “type”.


  4. Thanks for the comments Dan and Mark.

    As Jay said, being viewed as “nice” can be the kiss of death with women. You should shoot for something more like “cool” lol.

    And to move you in the right direction to being inately cool, there are amazing tactics and techniques developed by men around the world that work seemingly like magic. Did you guys get a chance to read my special report we are hosting on this blog? That will give you an idea of just how powerful even one of these routines can be, hopefully it will open your eyes to the possibilities out there.


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